Friday, July 31, 2015

2004: Port Ludlow Racquet Club

Membership in the Port Ludlow Racquet Club has grown very fast in the last three years and many of the new members live in South Bay. Perhaps PLA is not aware of the number of tennis players we currently have—60 who pay dues and belong to our Club—and that non-players, as well, feel misled by the advertising and promises that were made. (Read More)

2006: `Passionate" players at Port Townsend tennis tournament

`Passionate" players at Port Townsend tennis tournament -- Port Angeles Port Townsend Sequim Forks Jefferson County Clallam County Olympic Peninsula Daily NEWS:

PORT TOWNSEND -- For more than 40 years, the Port Townsend Tennis Tournament has drawn players from around Jefferson County to compete in three days of quality amateur tennis.

This year, the Labor Day weekend event (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) played host to aspiring entrants from all over Jefferson County.

It also included one player from Sequim and one from Port Angeles, both of whom were invited to compete.

A dozen participants went head to head in the men's singles competition, and 20 players were entered in doubles play.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tennis matches set at PTHS Courts

Photo: Chimacum High School senior Rania Peters 2007

 Open tennis free-for-alls are held Wednesday  9am and Sunday 1pm at the Port Townsend High School courts.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Modern Tennis Footwork... Learn how to move like Federer and Nadal - YouTube

Modern Tennis Footwork... Learn how to move like Federer and Nadal - YouTube: "Modern Tennis Footwork... Learn how to move like Federer and Nadal"

One of the things that makes Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal such good tennis players is their footwork. Their footwork doesn't just get them from A to B... it's actually a weapon!

FYB head coach Will Hamilton and Yann Auzoux (a 2008 and 2010 Washington Post coach of the year and former Davis Cup player for Cameroon) walk you through the footwork patterns that Federer, Nadal, and other top players use during a match... in other words, modern tennis footwork.

Will here... This is one of the best footwork videos online (granted, I'm biased). It's actually one of the best videos we've ever produced. Yann is a great coach and he shows you exactly how to move quickly, efficiently, and in a way that helps you prevent injuries.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

CTA's at the 2010 US Open: Jefferson County CTA - Port Townsend, WA | General News - News | USTA

The Jefferson County Community Tennis Association was started in 2007 to address the lack of tennis programming, the loss of the high school tennis team and the condition of public court facilities in our area. Indoor tennis clubs are an hour away, and local outdoor courts are at the stage that most need to be rebuilt. Starting a CTA was relatively easy, since there are so many resources available through the USTA Section offices, and other CTAs are willing to give advice, as well.

Photo: Julie Jablosnki of the Jefferson County CTA, with her daughter, taking a behind-the-scenes tour of Arthur Ashe Stadium at the US Open. (2010)

Port Townsend is a small historic seaport and arts community of about 10,000, with about 30,000 in Jefferson County. Even if your actual CTA membership is small, like ours, with creativity, motivation and a willingness to take the time to work together with community partners, you can accomplish more than you think. Since forming our CTA, we’ve been able to help resurface one set of courts at Fort Worden State Park, installed a backboard on another, and successfully advocated for a combined Port Townsend-Chimacum high school tennis team.