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Coming up on the next Behind the Headlines:

The Behind the Headlines US Open Pickleball Championship report begins at 15:16.

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Sarah Ansboury (L) and Christine McGrath

Facebook Videos from the 2016 US Open Pickleball Championships by Rodney Allman

Friday, April 29, 2016

Playfield rededicated with pickleball courts

"PORT ANGELES -- Despite the cooler weather Sunday, pickleball players were out in full force during the rededication of the Elks Playfield.

The playfield, at 14th and Cedar streets, was donated to the city of Port Angeles by the Elks in 1951 and was rededicated in celebration of the renovation of the park.

Two tennis courts that were deteriorating were made into pickleball courts and were completed in mid-June, said Vern Reidel, trustee for the Elks Naval Lodge in Port Angeles.

The Elks and the city split the $30,000 cost to do the renovation.

As soon as it was done, people flocked to the site to play.

"If you come here on a Tuesday, it is just as full as it is today," said Erick Blume, grand exalted ruler of the Elks in Port Angeles."

Read More: Playfield rededicated with pickleball courts 

Collier County Public Schools CCPS News

Watch: CCPS News - May 2, 2016:

US Open Pickleball Cross Roads? - RV Picklers

As we have observed the US Open Pickleball Championship unfold this week, I have begun to wonder….is pickleball at a cross roads? If not a cross roads, at least there is a winding road ahead for the sport I love.
Pickleball Cross Roads

Once I Could Recognize a 5.0 Player

In the “good ol’ days” we knew what a 5.0 Player was.  They may have been grey, but they were the best of the best.  Now there is a distinction. There is the 5.0 player and then the 5.0 “professional” player.  Most, but not all, are younger and faster and stronger.  Most, but not all, grew up playing tennis or another racket sport.
I’ve heard folks debate the “merits” of a 5.5 or 6.0 rating.  Frankly I don’t have an opinion.  But I agree with George Orwell’s assertion, “All animals are equal.  But some animals are more equal than others.”
US Open PickleballThe US Open Pickleball Championship format, clearly recognizes this distinction.  The schedule shows skill levels up to 4.5, then Open.  The racquetball style “double” elimination, suggests this distinction.  Whether it be in press coverage, or the majority of stadium court assignments, the distinction is clear.
As the sport, and it’s professional ranks, continue to grow…should we distinguish amateur players from professionals?  Specifically, should “pro’s” be playing in age events?
Read More: US Open Pickleball Cross Roads? - RV Picklers:

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Estrella Mountain Pickleball Fundraiser Tournament 4/16 - YouTube

Estrella Mountain Pickleball Fundraiser Tournament 4/16 - YouTube: ""

Florida Pickleball Finds It’s Place In The Sun - Challenge Court

One family that has a ”home state” advantage at the US Open are the players that I am featuring next. They live in the ”PB Paradise” of The Villages in Florida. It is a lifestyle townsite/resort located about 240 miles north of Naples. Lets get the insiders viewpoint from:

« Victor, Victoria
Florida Pickleball Finds It’s Place In The Sun
By Doug Baker | April 27, 2016 | PB People, Pickleball, Tournament
Let the games begin!!….The US Open in Naples, Fl. is an Olympic sized pb tournament!!…Well, I exaggerate a bit, but it may be the event that brings our sport to the attention to millions of people who have never heard of this sport. CBS sports will be televising the Saturday finals sometime in May. Our little sport is becoming the ”next big thing”.

*Here is the link to some info on the big show:

When you get to the site, you can click on Events/Schedule to see a video on the Zing Zang Challenge….This is skill type competition that looks like it will be fun for players to test their reaction times. Maybe next year they can get ZZ Top to play during the warm up period:-)

*Here is a link to a Pickleball Channel video about the tournament:

News Update – A New Tournament Format at the US Open

One family that has a ”home state” advantage at the US Open are the players that I am featuring next. They live in the ”PB Paradise” of The Villages in Florida. It is a lifestyle townsite/resort located about 240 miles north of Naples. Lets get the insiders viewpoint from:

Robert and Jodi Elliott In Their Own Words

1. Hi folks, would you tell me what the excitement level is like among the pbers from the Villages to have an event in their home state?

Jodi – It is really exciting and fun to see the US Open actually starting to take place. We have been looking forward to this event for over a year. Previously we always had to travel out west for a huge tournament and now with a big event in our own backyard we can easily drive and be there in no time. It is nice to see all our pb friends from out west here in the Sunshine State. The venue at the Open looks terrific and the stadium is incredible. I got to warm up on centre court with Robert and the #1 player in the country, Marcin Rozpedski…It felt different than any court I have played on…you could feel something special about the atmosphere, even though only a handful of people were there watching.
Read More: Florida Pickleball Finds It’s Place In The Sun - Challenge Court:

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Gold Medal Match live from US Open Pickleball Championship

Marcus Luke and Tommy Boyette vs Kyle Yates and Wes Gabrielson Gold Medal Match live from US Open Naples Florida USA

Dave Weinbach and Rapheal vs Jon Ludwig and Justin smith

Pickleball from the Sky at US Open Pickleball... - Pickleball Channel

(3) Pickleball from the Sky at US Open Pickleball... - Pickleball Channel: ""

Christine McGrath greeted by her daughter after winning Women's 19+ doubles

Adam Fisher on Twitter: "Christine McGrath greeted by her daughter after winning Women's 19+ doubles gold at UU Open Pickleball Champ @ndn":

Pickleball: Christine McGrath wins at U.S. Open while seven months’ pregnant:

What Is Pickleball Presentation

Pickleball - YouTube: ""

'via Blog this'

What's all this racket about pickleball?

"Monica Williams, a 73-year-old Mountain View resident, described herself as a tennis player for over 50 years, but said she was instantly hooked when she first tried pickleball about two years ago in Arizona.

"I played for three hours, and I haven't picked up my tennis racket since," she said. "It's that addicting!"

Coming back to the Bay Area, Williams became something of a local evangelist for the sport. She became a regular player at a pickleball club at Mitchell Park in Palo Alto. Starting around last November, she decided to help spread the game to Mountain View. She approached the city's Park and Recreation officials, and got permission to teach free weekly lessons on Wednesdays through the city's Senior Center."

Read More: What's all this racket about pickleball? | News | Mountain View Online 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pickleball Promo Video - How do you play?




Pickleball Ratings - 13,451 Player Ratings

Pickleball Ratings just posted 13,451 player ratings (mixed doubles, women's doubles, men's doubles, women's singles, & men's singles) processed from match results data from 172 tournaments over the last 12 months run on thePickleball Tournaments software.
The Portland Oregon company is using a four digit rating system from 0 to 3000.
Sort the data in the green bar by clicking on the data field that you want to sort. You can also look up by name in the search field.
Throughout the US Open (4/27 - 5/3), they will be working on processing match results to make the player ratings to go up and down based on those match results.

Read More: 13,451 player ratings

Pickleball: Kids Day a real hit with fifth-graders at U.S. Open in Naples

Ian Arroyo, from right, returns a volley as D'angelo Licare, both 11, and volunteer Angel Cruz look on while playing pickleball Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at East Naples Community Park. About 75 local school children came out to enjoy pickleball on Kids' Day as part of U.S. Open Pickleball Championship festivities. Professionals played exhibition matches too. (Corey Perrine/Staff)

In his 11 years, Daymian Bocardo already has become a well-rounded athlete.

The Avalon Elementary fifth-grader has played basketball, football, soccer, even hockey. But Daymian's newest sport — pickleball — is quickly becoming his favorite because of how accessible it is.

"Pickleball is easier to play because all you need is a paddle and a ball," he said. "You don't have to get that much (equipment). Other sports you need pads and everything else."

The ease of entry into the sport is exactly why the U.S. Open Pickleball Championships, which run Wednesday through Sunday at East Naples Community Park, wanted to introduce the game to Avalon students. About 85 fifth-graders got to play pickleball on professional courts at the U.S. Open's Kids Day on Tuesday, one day before the start of the inaugural national event.

Read More: Pickleball: Kids Day a real hit with fifth-graders at U.S. Open in Naples:

Crunch Time: Naples hosts U.S. Open Pickleball - Naples, Marco Island & Everglades


How much does Stephanie Lane love Pickleball? This much:
“I once had three part-time jobs on top of a full-time teaching career in order to finance the travel to play the best competition,” says the 48-year-old Nashville resident. “Until recently, most of the best players were out West, so I had to go Arizona, California, Utah, Seattle.”
Lane now has only two part-time jobs. Her Uber-driving days are over — at least for now.
Currently a Top 5 woman Pickleball player, Stephanie is thrilled at the sport’s eastward surge, and she’s especially excited that the inaugural U.S. Open is being held in Naples. It’s where she played in her first national tournament in 2012. Plus, “It’s nice to see the Westerners have to pay the big bucks and come east for a change,” she says with a chuckle.
A friend and teammate on the tennis team at Lipscomb University in Nashville introduced Stephanie to Pickleball. After landing a job as a P.E. teacher, she added the sport to her curriculum.
“I taught it to middle- and high-schoolers, and it was their favorite unit,” Stehanie says. “But at the time I wasn’t aware that adults were playing it at a high level.”

Crunch Time: Naples hosts U.S. Open Pickleball - Naples, Marco Island & Everglades:

US Open Pickleball Championship Press Conference - a $2 million economic impact

Pickleball Press Conference April 26th 2016

Collier County pickleball tourney worth millions
The tournament is expected to have a $2 million economic impact on the local economy. It will bring in 835 athletes and more than 3,000 fans. "It's on the higher end of most of our events. It's one of our larger events," said Jack Wert, Collier County's tourism director. With visitor numbers falling in January, February and March over the year, the pickleball tournament will deliver a welcome jolt. "This will definitely help our April numbers," Wert said. The pickleball championships rival Football University's first middle school national championship held in Naples, which grew the second year and will grow again following the organization's announcement Monday that the national title games would return to the area for two more years with twice as many teams. (Read More)

Pickleball Channel at the US Open Pickleball - Kids and Media Day

Keep On Playing

(8) Pickleball Channel at the US Open Pickleball... - Pickleball Channel:

PICKLEBALL CHANNEL U.S. Open Pickleball Photos

See More: PICKLEBALL CHANNEL at the U.S. Open Pickleball... - Pickleball Channel:

Fox 4 News Tuesday Dish / US Open Pickleball Championship

Tuesday Dish / Pickleball 4/26/16

Avalon Elementary Multimedia Reports From The US Open Pickleball Championships

Avalon Elementary (@AVEDragonStrong) | Twitter:

Adam Fisher on Periscope: "U.S. Open #Pickleball Championships: Kids Day in #Naples"

Adam Fisher: Naples Daily News sports reporter. Dropping knowledge on everything there is to know in the Southwest Florida sports scene.

Watch Live Stream: Adam Fisher on Periscope: "U.S. Open #Pickleball Championships: Kids Day in #Naples"

Amy Oshier on Periscope: "US Open Pickleball Championship Naples Florida"

Amy Oshier - wife, mother, pet lover, reporter, host. As seen on TV: Health Matters, HealthDay Living, A Better You. Love: family eating shopping reading exercising & pink

Watch Live Stream: Amy Oshier on Periscope: "US pickleball championship Naples Florida":

Karen Parrish Interviews LeEllen Lane, 14, USAPA Atlantic South Regional Gold Medal Winner

Collier County host to first-ever US Pickleball Championships - NBC-2. WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

Sarah Ansboury is a fierce competitor.

"I love the competition," she said. I love being in that type of format."

She has always played sports, but Pickleball has become her favorite in recent years.

"Strategically this is a lot harder, and it's more challenging," she explained.

When she got the chance to travel to Naples for the first-ever US Open Pickleball Championships, she said there was no way she could turn the opportunity down."

Read More: Collier County host to first-ever US Pickleball Championships 

All You Need To Know About The U.S. Open Pickleball Championships - Naples Herald

"East Naples Park will welcome about 1,000 registered players, singles and doubles participants competing for a purse of $25,000. Matches will take place everyday until Sunday, May 1, and will include live entertainment by local bands and acts.

Food and beverages will be available for purchase at the Miller Lite Beer Garden.

CBS Sports Network will also be present for Saturday night’s doubles finals, showcasing the first-ever U.S. Open Pickleball Championships on a national stage."

Read More: All You Need To Know About The U.S. Open Pickleball Championships - Naples Herald

Pickleball: Kids Day, pro exhibition to kick off U.S. Open week in Naples on Tuesday

"The first event of the inaugural U.S. Open is Kids Day, when around 85 fifth-graders from nearby Avalon Elementary get to watch a pro exhibition on the newly-installed championship court at East Naples Community Park. The kids also get to break in the 48 pickleball courts installed for the five-day national event.

"We want to get kids involved with the sport because it's a sport they can learn quickly," U.S. Open tournament director Jim Ludwig said. "From there we want to get them out on the courts playing with their parents and grandparents. It's a sport where you can do that."

Kids Day ties in with Pickleball For All, a Naples-based charity started by Ludwig that will benefit from U.S. Open proceeds."

Read More: Pickleball: Kids Day, pro exhibition to kick off U.S. Open week in Naples on Tuesday

Monday, April 25, 2016

Pickleball Shag Basket version 2

Pickleball Shag Basket version 2 - YouTube: ""

How to make  a Shag Basket

5 things to know about pickleball

"Many tennis players are finding pickleball right up their alley, especially when injuries begin to take a toll on their tennis abilities.

JoAnne Russell won the Wimbledon doubles championship with partner Helen Gourlay, upsetting the top seeded team of Martina Navratilova and Betty Stove in the final. In the first round, Russell and Gourlay upset the No. 2 seeded duo of Chris Evert and Rosie Casals. She played professionally for 13 years, so Russell knows a thing or two about top-level competition. Now a teaching pro at Grey Oaks Country Club, Russell began playing pickleball last January when a member of the club began inquiring about the sport. She decided to take a crash course in pickleball, working out at Fleischmann Park under the tutelage of Jim Stuckey and Jerry Pershing. She's now an accomplished player, and will compete in four events at the U.S. Open."

Read More:
5 things to know about pickleball

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Zing Zang Sponsors Largest Pickleball Tournament in the World

"Zing Zang is thrilled to be a sponsor," said Katherine Roppolo, Chief Marketing Officer of Zing Zang. "My dad, Richard Krohn, who founded Zing Zang in 1996 was an avid tennis player, golfer and outdoor sports enthusiast. I know he'd be so happy to know that Zing Zang is supporting the renewed interest in this great sport at the largest Pickleball tournament in the world! We are looking so forward to participating in this exciting event!"

In addition to live entertainment and multiple vendors, there will be Tito's and Zing Zang Bloody Marys available in the Miller Light Beer Garden. 

Read More:  Zing Zang Sponsors Largest Pickleball Tournament in the World.

Watch Pre-Event Photo Slideshow

Official US Open Pickleball Campanionship Photos Added Daily On Smugmug

Friday, April 22, 2016

Pickleball: 21-year-old Kyle Yates of Fort Myers bringing national game to U.S. Open in Naples

For someone who had never heard of pickleball, Kyle Yates sure took to the sport quickly.

The first time Yates entered a national tournament, he walked out with a gold medal the same day. Just two years later, the 21-year-old Fort Myers native is one of the best pickleball players in the country.

At the U.S. Open Pickleball Championships, starting Wednesday at East Naples Community Park, Yates hopes to take home the tournament's top prize and the winner's check. One of the youngest players on the national circuit, he's also hoping to show the local crowd that pickleball isn't just for retirees.

"Pickleball gets a bad rap," Yates said. "When I started playing (nationally), I realized it wasn't an old person's game. The guys I play against are in their mid-20s and former college tennis players."

Yates has won more than a dozen titles at pickleball tournaments from California to the Midwest to the East Coast, all before he could crack a cold adult beverage to celebrate. Yates turned 21 just last week.

Read More: Pickleball: 21-year-old Kyle Yates of Fort Myers bringing national game to U.S. Open in Naples:

News Update: New Pro Category At US Open Pickleball Campanions

Excitement is mounting for the first ever US Open Pickleball Championships! Rusty from Pickleball Channel had a chance to talk with some top players about the new tournament structure as well as the addition of the Pro category. 


Collier County has always been a community of firsts, and this month we add another to the list. Collier County will host the first-ever US Open Pickleball Championships from Tuesday, April 26, to Sunday, May 1, at East Naples Community Park, 3500 Thomasson Drive, Naples, Florida 34112. About 1,000 athletes will compete for more than $25,000 in prize money playing America’s fastest growing sport, while thousands of spectators are expected to fill the hospitality village. 

Collier County Parks and Recreation will host a ribbon cutting for the new courts at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 23, at East Naples Community Park. 

Pickleball is a sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. The sport has been around since 1965, but remained something of a secret until 2008 when the game took off among senior citizens. Today, it is estimated that more than 2 million people play the game, 68 percent of them over the age of 60. 

Collier County began construction of the new pickleball courts at the East Naples Community Park earlier this year to accommodate the event. The county will host the US Open Championships for the next three years. 

Read More:

Port Ludlow Resort's Newest Activity…Pickleball

My friend and co-worker Claire and I rented pickleball paddles ($5/per person) and balls from the Front Desk at the Inn and went to the courts to paddle it out. Pickleball paddles are smaller than a tennis racket but bigger than a ping pong paddle. Not sure how to play? No worries. The Front Desk Attendant gave Claire and me a packet with rules and strategy.

Read More:
The Resort’s Newest Activity…Pickleball | Port Ludlow Resort:

Redding opens outdoor courts for pickleball

Redding Mayor Missy McArthur was on hand to observe as Al Shipman, a Redding contractor and builder and a fan of the sport, with Mike Archibald, a lead organizer for the Redding Pickleball 4 All, cut the ceremonial ribbon to the newly refurbished Sport Court at Enterprise Park.

But anyone who's visited the east side park on mornings knows those six outdoor courts have been getting good use for a while — or that parking lot wouldn't be packed.

Sport Court — formerly the Roller Hockey Rink — became home to pickleball about four years ago. The group spraypainted lines on the cement. But the surface, built in 1994, was in poor condition.

The city, with the pickleball group's help, applied for a grant through the Shasta Regional Community Foundation for the McConnell Fund specifically, said Kim Niemer, the city's community services director.

The $26,000 grant covered resurfacing of all six courts.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Volunteers Clean Port Townsend High School Tennis Court

Mac explaining his vision for playing pickleball on the tennis court.
Yesterday, Mac Wheeler (blue shirt) organized a crew of volunteers that pressure washed the single fenced in tennis count at the Port Townsend High School.

This weekend orange heavy-duty court tape will be used to make lines for pickleball. The tape is expected to last a year.
Google map satellite view of Port Townsend Tennis Courts.
Before and after pressure washing
Mac and crew.

Pickleball: Ping Pong On Steroids! ⋆ Hudson Valley News Network

Taconic Sports and Racquet club has dedicated multiple indoor courts to the sport and membership is growing! “Once we announced we were putting in Pickleball courts, people started signing up”, said club owner Simon Gale.

“It’s a fun game that is for everyone of any age,” added local pickleball enthusiast Jim Hammond. “It looks like it might be an old person’s game, but high schools are starting to introduce it and make it part of gym classes”.

Read More: Pickleball: Ping Pong On Steroids! ⋆ Hudson Valley News Network:

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Evolution of the Pickleball Pic


The Original Pickleball Pic has proven to provide the all important collection of balls at the conclusion of workouts associated with either the Simon or the Tudor pickleball machines. The ability to pick up 35 to 65 balls provides the incentive to continue drilling because of the ease of reloading. The Pic35 is popular for those who want to just practice on their own or with a partner.  The two players can use the  Big 10 Drills for Two program offered free (just ask) with the purchase of two Pic35's ($80.00)  
       The worth of the two products have been proven by the satisfaction of the 200+ customers over the passed year and a half.  The quality of service (quick), and the quality of the product, has generated a clientele that has had no problem passing on the word to other pickleball players who are serious about taking their games to new levels. I am constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of practice for pickleballers and i introduce, in the video below, a new products I'm about to offer up in the days ahead - Pic32 Zip and the Pic44 Zip. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Older Persons' Commission Playing Pickle Ball Rochester, MI

Older Persons' Commission, Rochester, MI, Playing Pickle Ball was featured on WDIV Local 4

Sun City Lowcountry Pickleball Classic

Sun City TV News interviews Reuben Oder, the director of the 3rd annual Lowcountry Pickleball Classic.

Highlight Reel: Jennifer Lucore at Valenti Sports, Portable Net Set-up


Pickleball fun with Jennifer Lucore at Valenti Sports with Paul & Joe Valenti and Eric Kennedy

How to put up a portable pickleball net $149.98

U.S. Open Pickleball Championship Birds Eye View Of New Courts


East Naples Community Park is the site for the 1st annual U.S. Open Pickleball Championship (April 26-May 1). Here is a drone fly-over of the new pickleball courts before the lines are painted. The Naples, Florida tournament will have 47 pickleball courts for the 800 participants. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Pickleball players get their way, courts will increase

Sun City pickleball players will get more courts, and they will all be at the Cimarron Recreation Center, 17100 W. Clearwater Blvd.
The Sun City Grand Board of Directors voted 5-2, with John Such and Larry Marden dissenting, during its April 14 regular meeting to dedicate the Cimarron center for pickleball and the Village area at the Adobe Fitness Center, 19775 N. Remington Drive, dedicated for tennis. The board then directed staff to develop plans for the action.
“It is time for the board to make a final decision,” said Ellie Brooks, board president. “This has been going on since 2011.”
As far back as 2003, one tennis court at Cimarron was converted to four pickleball courts. That has increased over the years and there are now 12 courts there. There are also three tennis courts, which are planned to be converted into 10 more pickleball courts.
The pickleball club has more than 1,000 members and continues to grow, according to Steve Burwall, club president. The courts are booked through nearly the entire 14-hour per day period they are open, and some players are waiting on benches to get an empty court, he added.
“We use a swipe card system, and in March there were more than 5,000 swipes compared to 4,000 prior to that,” he said.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Port Townsend Pickleball Play - Courthouse Courts

Due to beautiful weather (72 degrees) the location of the Sunday Port Townsend Pickleball Play was changed from the Rec Center to the Courthouse Courts. Although, we played with outside balls, the wind was a big factor during serves and rallies.

For the first time, we live streamed a couple of games using Facebook Live.

Olympic Peninsula Pickleball Play Playlist

The YouTube Playlist for Pickleball Play on the Olympic Peninsula.

Friday, April 15, 2016

2nd Annual Sequim Picklers Women’s Doubles Tournament

Venue: Indoor courts at Boy’s & Girl’s Club in Sequim
Dates and times: May 7th 8:30 to 12:00
Age Groups: 55 and over, 54 and under, and a Novice-beginners group
Fees: $10 per team to be paid at gym on May 7th.

Rules/format: Round robin played to 11, USA Pickleball rules to govern play. If one or more of a team is not there for appointed match they forfeit. The white Jugs indoor balls will be used for all matches.

Entry: Only people with permanent Clallam or Jefferson County residence
Commissioners: Terry Buchanan and Ben Sanders

Registration: By email ( or by phone 360-477-4179 (this is my business so don’t be put off by Serenity Ridge Massage)
Registration Deadline: All registration must be in on May 4th 7:00 pm.
Communication: We need an email address and the age of both players from each team so any new information or changes can be communicated in the fastest way possible. You will get an email update on May 6th.

This is our first time with women’s doubles age groups so a lot of how the tournament runs will depend on the number of teams that enter. We may do a double elimination but I would rather stick to the round robin format if enough teams enter. The two age groups are the standard we have used in other tournaments.

To encourage new players, we have added a Novice or beginners group. This is for those new players to pickleball that would like to compete but are not at the skill level of our more experienced players. I reserve the right to decide if a team is truly a Novice or could compete adequately in the regular age groups. Losing is not a bad thing but we would like teams to feel they can be competitive.

West Regional Pickleball Tournament St. George Utah 2016

Rocket, Pickleball Rocks, reports from the West Regional Pickleball Tournament in St. George, Utah. "Free pizza for all players and spectators".

Regional pickleball tournament with 400 players descends on St. George

St. George News

The USA Pickleball Association West Regional Tournament came to Utah for the first time on Friday and Saturday, with over 400 players from across the western United States descending on the Little Valley Pickleball courts in St. George to vie for a shot at the tournament championship.

Since the West Regional Tournament is an officially sanctioned event, top competitors from the tournament may advance to the USA Pickleball Association Finals scheduled to take place at Palm Creek – Casa Grande, Arizona, in November. The association keeps track of player rankings throughout the year. (Read More)

Fun sport, funnier name: Pickleball enthusiasts looking forward to inaugural championship coming to

"(Jim) Ludwig says the tournament has been capped at 835 players, with approximately 2,100 matches to be played over a five-day period. With the sport's exploding popularity, he said he expects those numbers to increase in the coming years.

East Naples Community Park now has 47 pickleball courts, including the state-of-the-art Zing Zang Championship Court. Designed to seat more than 700 spectators, the championship court features exclusive gold boxes around its perimeter, with patron seating on one side and general admission bleachers on the other.

Recent work has been done installing DecoTurf, a pricey synthetic surface used in Flushing Meadows for the U.S. Open Tennis Championships."

Fun sport, funnier name: Pickleball enthusiasts looking forward to inaugural championship coming to:

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Renewing Quilcene’s aged sport court aim of fundraising drive (Feb. 2014)

QUILCENE, WA — Aside from the high school, the community basketball and tennis court next to the Quilcene Community Center is the only one in town, but successful play on it can be more a matter of luck than skill.

Depressions and cracks in the court built in the early 1950s send balls flying off in odd directions.

The court has been only patch-repaired since it was constructed and should be resurfaced, said Clayton White, the volunteer host and maintenance supervisor for the Quilcene County Campground on the other side of the community center.

But the owner of the court, Jefferson County, doesn’t have the money to fund the estimated $25,0000 project.

UPDATE: The Quilcene tennis courts will be resurfaced "as soon there are more dry days". Pickleball lines will be painted on the new surface. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be sometime in May or June.

Read More:
Renewing Quilcene’s aged sport court aim of fundraising drive 


Pickleball: What to Know -- and Where to Play in the DMV | NBC4 Washington

NBC 4 News Washington DC Report

Read More:
Pickleball: What to Know -- and Where to Play in the DMV | NBC4 Washington:

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Port Townsend Pickleball Play Sunday April 10, Game #3

Senior Moment (2:11): Mary serves. Jack volleys the return ball at the net.

Rule: The ball has to bounce two times before it can be hit in the air without a bounce (volley)

1) Serve (bounce)
2) Return Serve (bounce)
Volley at any time.

Jack says that Mary did not serve the ball.
Mike and Kim agrees with Jack..
Mary goes along with the consensuses.

Interview With US Open Pickleball Championship Organizers - Videoblogging 206

Pickleball, the paddle game that began on Bainbridge Island in 1965 to keep kids occupied on a rainy day, will now have a national tournament in Naples, Florida April 26-May 1, "The U.S. Open Pickleball Championship."

Jim Ludwig, US Open Event Director and USAPA Ambassador, joined Spirit Promotions founders Chris Evon and Terri Graham, the organizers of the US Open Pickleball Championship, to give a pre-site tour of East Naples Community Park. (see map below)


Jim Ludwig: This is the US Open Pickleball Championship wall that will be the focal point for thousands of visitors coming here for our event to have their opportunity to take photos.

Jack Olmsted, Videoblogging 206: How did you guys meet?

Chris Evon: By accident! Terri (Graham) and I had come down to this area looking at different venues and we were presenting our presentation, our vision, to Collier County and somebody hooked us up with Jim and the three of us got together and realized that our vision for one large pickleball event was very similar and we have not looked back since.

Jim: I became a pickleball player about five years ago. I enjoyed the sport so much that I stopped playing tennis and golf and became an ambassador about three and a half years ago with the USAPA. And eventually became a district ambassador to promote the sport because I found a great love for the sport and also was able to get other people involved that had never been exercising before or out playing a sport or a racket sport in particular.

Chris: We met in January 2015. We came down here to give the presentation and like I said, hooked up with Jim, we talked about our vision together. He was involved in the meetings with the CVB, the Collier County Convention and Visitors Bureau and since then we've just been partners in this whole thing.

Spirit Promotions was designed as a business to kind of house the US Open. So, when we came up with the idea to have a US Open, we started Spirit Promotions which is our company to just promote this event and probably other events throughout the years.

Terri and I both come from a long history of sporting goods events and the sporting goods industry. We were both with Wilson Sports Goods. Terri was there for 21 years. I was there for 17 years. We were in the indoor racket sports division which really ended up being all the racket sports except for tennis.

So, we were involved with racquetball, mainly, that was our main sport but we also did squash, paddle, badminton and pickleball.

Jim: The DecoTurf surface is state-of-the -art. It is the same surface that they use at the US Open Tennis Championships in Flushing Meadows, New York. We are putting it on all of our new courts we are doing. The only courts that will not have it will be the ninth courts existing.

2016 US Open Pickleball Champainship MapIt is a cushioned surface about five millimeters thick. You don't notice a difference with the play. But, you do notice a difference after you are playing - your muscles and bones don't ache.

We are headed over towards the first expo tent. You see that white car pulling out now. In this parking lot, there will be one complete tent. It will be 150 feet long - you can see Terry there - by 60 feet wide. It will fill this complete parking lot. This is where the check in center will be.

We will also have a beer garden, an entertainment lounge, VIP lounge, food will be served in here and also we will have a few other vendors.

Now, we will walk over to tent number two which is the vendors tent. In this area, we will have another tent that is a 150 feet long by 60 feet wide. Where you see that stone there it will be all vendors in there.

Jack: Do you know how many vendors will be in the tent?
Jim: 20 vendors

Jack: Hi Terri. How is your day going?
Terri Graham: Busy. It is going awesome.
Jack: What is on your to-do-list today?
Terri: You don't have enough time.
Jim: The battery is running out.
Terri: Well, we have found some food for Saturday. I met with a vendor. We have just been real busy.
Chris: Seating will happen today.
Terri: Seating yeah. It's crazy busy.
Jack: Terri, How long have you been working on this tournament?
Terri: A little over a year. But the last 6 months its been 24/7. The CVB, Collier County Visitors Bureau, is a huge supporter of ours. Hence, you look around here and see what's going on with this park. They have been a big supporter. Commissioner Fiala has been very supportive as well.

Really the whole community has been behind this project since day one.

I would say besides the volunteers these two people here are the backbone of this event. You know Jim is a full-time Naples resident and pretty much, as I have always referred to him as, the “Mayor Of Pickleball” in Naples and has done an amazing job in this area building the pickleball community.

And obviously Chris is my right hand person putting this whole thing together. This is more than a three-person event, as we found out.

Jim: I've been working with the children here in Collier County for about a year and a half now through "Pickleball For All." One of our first partners in the pickleball world was Avalon school which is attached to the property that we are standing in. They are going to bring out eighty five of their children, 85 -100 of their children, that we taught pickleball to last year and this year and have them out for "Kids Day".

We're going to have them out on the championship court to see some pro exhibition. When we're done with the pro exhibition, we're going to take them over and have them all on the courts and get them with the pros playing with the pros. From there, we will take them over, feed them lunch, give them a little sugar popcorn to bring back to school to get them wired for the afternoon and we're all looking forward to this and they are very, very excited about it.

Jack: A couple of years ago you had a dream about this. Is this what you expected?
Terri: I will let you know in 3 weeks.
Jack: OK. That's a deal. We will connect with you after the big tournament.
Terri: Alright, that sounds great.
Jack: Thanks so much. I really appreciate your time today Terry, Chris and Jim. Have a great tournament.

Port Angeles Pickleball Spring Fling Results

 Mixed-Doubles Game Play

Men/Women Doubles 

1st: Sandi Gunn & Linda Chansky 
2nd: Sissi Bruch & Denna McPhee

 3rd: Lynn Pierle & Jeanne Ramsey

1st: Doug Hastings & David Taylor

2nd: Ken Easterbrook & Mike McPhee

3rd: Mark Mullins & Bob Sester 
Mixed Doubles
1st: Steve Bennett & Beverly Hastings
2nd: Linda Chansky & Mark Mullins
3rd: Sissi Bruch & Rob Welch