Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pickle-ball's Field of Dreams (King5 News 2015)

Bainbridge Island, WA---The old badminton court is overgrown with weeds, tucked away in the woods on a remote island west of Seattle.
But this place is historical, having changed the lives of millions for five decades.
"People flocked in here," says Pickle-Ball co-founder Barney McCallum.
He and his buddy, the late Congressman Joel Pritchard, were hangin' out with their families in the summer of they did just about every summer.
On a rainy day, Joel wanted the kids to go play outside.
"There was ping pong paddles. And a baseball sized whiffle ball. And he said go up and hit some balls on that court and get outta the house," McCallum recalls.
They did. And they didn't come back for hours.

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