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Groundstroke Low to High - Brush Like Djokovic

Groundstroke Low to High - Brush Like Djokovic - YouTube: ""

You've heard it before. You must brush up the back of the ball on your groundstrokes in order to create spin and therefore control. Whether beginner or advanced, learning how to effectively accelerate from low to high will be a plus for your game. Check out these simple tips, and feel free to leave questions in the comment section below. 

2015 September Email Update

Hi tennis enthusiasts,

It’s been a wonderful summer for tennis in Port Townsend. Virtually every match met with sunshine! I want to thank the newbies to our club for turning out—especially for the folks driving in from Gardiner, Ludlow and Marrowstone. Great to have some new blood in the mix! And thanks to all my “old timer” friends for supporting this endeavor to bring the lonely PTHS courts back to life. 

Things have gone just as I hoped with good competitive matches with fun and friendly folks. 

Soon the weather will be affording fewer dry windows. Which brings me to question how feasible keeping our regular Sunday afternoon & Wednesday mornings will work? 

I will continue to schedule for those days for a while but expect some rain-outs and I may try to pull together matches on other weekdays so watch for that. I will also be gone at various times like at the end of September/start of October and then again in mid October for a week. 

We can consider leaving the regular time slots as non-scheduled (just show up and take your chances) times, and/or maybe someone else can step in and assist during times when I’m gone in the autumn. 

Your feedback is welcome! Somewhere around November, we will probably need to desist for the winter months. And I’m usually somewhere warm in January as I know many of you are! The weather will dictate our activities. Springtime should find us shaking off any creeping decrepitude and getting our bodies back in shape. Winking smile

Court cleaning update: I spoke with the superintendent again and now that the drought has eased, he thinks it’s a great idea to proceed but says not until the week after next earliest since school just got going. The labor is up to us but he has a high power pressure washer and enough hose and will meet us with the equip and turn things on for us when we arrange a time—time yet undecided. 

Personally, I have no experience with power washing and don’t know how many bodies are useful to have present to do the work. Several of you have already volunteered so let’s see another “show of hands”—and when you might be available. It will good to get this done (for the first time in more than a decade).

Who wants to sign up to play this Wednesday at 9? Forecast is sketchy but we might luck out. I’ll let the out-of-towners know if the court is dry by 8AM if it’s questionable.
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Monday, September 14, 2015

Sequim: 2015 Summer Junior Tennis Accomplishments

Hi Everyone,
In order to promote the sport of tennis, and to provide tennis related activity throughout this past summer, the following tennis opportunities were available for our juniors and the community.  The following is a listing of the programs and assessments of their degrees of success: 
Youth Tennis Ladder Play:  Ladder play has already begun.  So far, there are 30 kids, organized in age groups, participating in the ladder.  There is the potential of many more joining in as they progress in private and group lessons, and as other youth tennis players learn of the program.  Sized-to-age courts, nets, and balls are being arranged for ten-and-under tennis (TAUT) players, as well.  The ladder will be displayed Saturday mornings at the group lessons and sent out weekly in email. 
[Limited success -- about 30 juniors participated;  but, not many challenged others.  Most ladder advances were due to lessons achievement rather than challenges.  Next year we need to offer incentives, or rewards, to get more playing.]
Sequim Youth Tennis Academy, 2015:  The three upper courts at SHS have been reserved from July 6 through July 10, 9 to noon, for the Academy.  Participants will be limited to 30 players.  Preference will be given to advanced and intermediate players who will be capable of participating in advanced drills and physical activity.  Volunteers will be accepted to assist in this event.  This program will consist of lectures, fitness training, stroke technique, drills, strategy training, and play.  We anticipate no fees -- unless, for snacks, water, and T-shirts.  We are looking for a possible sponsor to provide for snacks and water. 
[Very successful -- there were a total of 32 juniors participating, and 10 volunteers assisting.  There was no cost to the juniors.  Sponsors contributed funds to put on the event and others donated snacks and water.  Everyone felt that this event was hugely successful.]
Private Youth Tennis Lessons:  Private half-hour, no-cost lessons will continue throughout the summer, as per a Weekly Availability Schedule which will be emailed each week to interested youth.  At this time, there are approximately 45 kids taking private lessons.  Ladder players who participate in at least one lesson during a week will be moved up one rung of the ladder for that week.
[Very successful -- from 18 June until 30 August, I gave at least 244 tennis lessons to about 42 different juniors, from the ages of 6 to 18 years old.]  
Group Youth Tennis Lessons:  Saturday morning group lessons will continue to be available for our youth, at no cost.  Group lessons are divided into "beginners", "intermediate", and "advanced" groups.  Participants sign up as per Weekly Availability Schedule.  Again, ladder players will be able to move up one rung of the ladder for that week for group participation. 
[Moderately successful -- over the 8-week period, excluding 3 weekends, I gave 10 group lessons to about 30 juniors.]
Cardio-Tennis For All:  Thursday mornings, at 10am, will be set aside for Cardio-Tennis -- FOR ALL AGES.  Sign up as per Weekly Availability Schedule.  IT'S FUN TIME FOR EVERYONE.  Move to the music!  Tennis rackets and tennis shoes required.  From warm-ups to drills, we keep active for one full hour.  Tennis ability not required.  Swinging and missing is OK.  The racket is simply a prop.  FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
[Unsuccessful -- we just couldn't get it going this summer.  However, I attended a Cardio Tennis registration conference in Portland, OR, put on by the Tennis Industry Association (TIA), and qualified as a registered Cardio Tennis Authorized Provider.  I have already worked in some of the Cardio Tennis warm-ups, drills (called "games" in Cardio speak), and cool-downs.  So far, these lessons have gone very well with the older kids.  We will be making more Cardio Tennis available in the future to both juniors and adults.] 
Youth Tennis Tournaments:  Tournaments for those kids participating in the tennis ladder are anticipated.  Playing in 3 challenges in ladder play qualifies a player for tournament play.  Dates for the tournaments will be determined soon.   
[Successful -- There were a total of 18 juniors signed up for this round robin event.  They played a total of 49 matches over a 4 day period.  Eight volunteers assisted in putting on this event.  Through donations and sponsorships, we were able to provide for trophies and medals for all participants and volunteers.  This was the first junior's tournament put on in Sequim in recent times.] 
USTA Promotional:  At least one promotional, all invited, one day of "free tennis instruction for all ages" event to promote the sport of tennis and the USTA.  Planning is underway, and the date is to be determined.
[Not held -- but not too late.]
Away Playdays:  We'll try again this year to field a group to play at various area tennis clubs. 
[Unsuccessful -- we tried to put together a junior tennis exchange with the Kitsap Tennis and Athletic Club (KTAC), but we just couldn't get enough participants from this area to make it work.  I am still working with the director at KTAC to see if we can get something arranged for the Fall] 
USTA Tournament Play:  Six of our kids played in USTA sanctioned junior tournaments.  Congratulations to Emma Shogren, Stephanie LaCour, Kalli Wiker, Blake Wiker, Damon Little, and Garrett Little.  It was a great start for those wanting to compete on the next level. 
That's about it for this past summer.  We've learned some lessons this year, and we should be better prepared for next year.  Any comments, suggestions, solutions, etc.? 
Thanks for all you do.

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Serena Williams Makes $10M Less In Endorsements than Sharapova! - ESPN First Take

Serena Williams Makes $10M Less In Endorsements than Sharapova! - ESPN First Take - YouTube: ""

NYPD releases video of arrest mixup involving former tennis star James Blake | abc7ny.com

NYPD releases video of arrest mixup involving former tennis star James Blake | abc7ny.com: "The NYPD has released surveillance video of the incident in which former tennis star James Blake was handcuffed in Midtown Manhattan in a mixup Wednesday morning.

The footage shows Blake standing against a silver post outside the Grand Hyatt New York when the officer approaches suddenly, grabs Blake, spins him around and body slams him to the ground before handcuffing him."

ESPN First Take - James Blake Mistakenly Tackled & Handcuffed

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Hit Fest Friday At Port Townsend High School

Hit Fest is every dry Friday 3-5pm at Port Townsend High School

Peninsula Tennis Club | Doubles Tournament September 12, 2015

  • When: Saturday, September 12th, 2015, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
    (Rain date is Sunday, September 13th, 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm)
  • Where: Sequim High School Tennis Courts (Fir Street)
  • Who: Men and Women, ALL skill levels NO SET TEAMS
  • Format: Doubles format, but everyone enters individually
  • Cost: PTC Members, $10.00 and bring assigned snack
    Non-Members, $12.50 and assigned snack

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(10) US Open Tennis Championships

How did Kevin Anderson Tennis prepare for the #USOpen? What are his predictions for the upcoming college football season? How does he deal with playing in extreme heat? Find out in the latest #WinnersWalk!

Posted by US Open Tennis Championships on Thursday, September 3, 2015

(10) US Open Tennis Championships:

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Billie Jean King at the City Parks Foundation US Open Benefit with Arthur Kade

Billie Jean King at the City Parks Foundation US Open Benefit with Arthur Kade - YouTube: ""

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(12) US Open Tennis Championships

How do players make sure they eat healthy when they're always traveling? Find out all the storylines and behind the scenes stories from the #USOpen in Beyond the Baseline presented by Westin at 7pm ET.Watch live: http://bit.ly/1JrO4uZ

Posted by US Open Tennis Championships on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How do players make sure they eat healthy when they're always traveling? Find out all the storylines and behind the scenes stories from the #USOpen in Beyond the Baseline presented by Westin 

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Serena Williams Press Conference US Open 2015 2nd round (2R)

Serena Williams Press Conference US Open 2015 2nd round (2R) - YouTube: ""

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Roger Federer Practice Session

Roger Federer Practice Session - US Open 2015 - YouTube: ""

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Rafael Nadal Gear Guide for US Open

Rafael Nadal Gear Guide for US Open - YouTube: ""

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Andy Murray vs Nick Kyrgios ~ Full Highlights ~ US Open 2015 (R1)

Andy Murray vs Nick Kyrgios ~ Full Highlights ~ US Open 2015 (R1) - YouTube: ""

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Interviews during matches: The future of tennis?

ESPN demonstrated its commitment to bringing tennis to the masses with its 11-year agreement to air the US Open and Emirates Airline US Open Series starting this year. But the network made just as bold of a statement with the innovative ways it plans to do so, including holding the first-ever on-court interview in the middle of a Grand Slam match.
During the first-round women’s singles match between CoCo Vandeweghe and No. 29 seed Sloane Stephens, Vandeweghe agreed to have ESPN commentator Pam Shriver interview her on court after winning the first set. She was briefly asked what she was most happy about in the first set and what she needed to do in the second set to finish off the match. It was a quick exchange, but it set the press area and player locker rooms abuzz.
Vandeweghe explained that she had been approached by ESPN the night before the match about the idea. She also said the interview was completely voluntary and there was the option of declining it at any time – even seconds before it was set to take place. 
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Interviews during matches: The future of tennis? | News 

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Gearing Up for the US Open Video - ABC News

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

ABC News' Charli James and Olivia Smith ride NYC's 7 train to the US Open

Gearing Up for the US Open Video - ABC News:

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Nadal Sees Off Coric Challenge

Rafael Nadal has avenged a defeat to Croatian young gun Borna Coric (Facebook) to reach the second round of the US Open on Monday night. The Spaniard, returning to Flushing Meadows for the first time since winning his second US Open title two years ago, came into the match having lost to his 18-year-old opponent in their only prior encounter – at the quarter-final stage in Basel last October.
But under lights on Arthur Ashes Stadium, the No. 8 seed ensured it would not be back-to-back defeats against the teenager, emerging 6-3, 6-2, 4-6, 6-4 in two hours and 46 minutes. “I think I played great. The first two sets I played a very high level of tennis,” Nadal said. “Seriously, then I get a little bit tired … But then in the fourth I recovered little bit. I played again more aggressive.”

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usopen-2015-monday-nadal | ATP World Tour | Tennis:

US Open Ball Handlers Prepare for Game Day Video - ABC News

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

US Open Ball Handlers Prepare for Game Day Video - ABC News: