Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2015 September Email Update

Hi tennis enthusiasts,

It’s been a wonderful summer for tennis in Port Townsend. Virtually every match met with sunshine! I want to thank the newbies to our club for turning out—especially for the folks driving in from Gardiner, Ludlow and Marrowstone. Great to have some new blood in the mix! And thanks to all my “old timer” friends for supporting this endeavor to bring the lonely PTHS courts back to life. 

Things have gone just as I hoped with good competitive matches with fun and friendly folks. 

Soon the weather will be affording fewer dry windows. Which brings me to question how feasible keeping our regular Sunday afternoon & Wednesday mornings will work? 

I will continue to schedule for those days for a while but expect some rain-outs and I may try to pull together matches on other weekdays so watch for that. I will also be gone at various times like at the end of September/start of October and then again in mid October for a week. 

We can consider leaving the regular time slots as non-scheduled (just show up and take your chances) times, and/or maybe someone else can step in and assist during times when I’m gone in the autumn. 

Your feedback is welcome! Somewhere around November, we will probably need to desist for the winter months. And I’m usually somewhere warm in January as I know many of you are! The weather will dictate our activities. Springtime should find us shaking off any creeping decrepitude and getting our bodies back in shape. Winking smile

Court cleaning update: I spoke with the superintendent again and now that the drought has eased, he thinks it’s a great idea to proceed but says not until the week after next earliest since school just got going. The labor is up to us but he has a high power pressure washer and enough hose and will meet us with the equip and turn things on for us when we arrange a time—time yet undecided. 

Personally, I have no experience with power washing and don’t know how many bodies are useful to have present to do the work. Several of you have already volunteered so let’s see another “show of hands”—and when you might be available. It will good to get this done (for the first time in more than a decade).

Who wants to sign up to play this Wednesday at 9? Forecast is sketchy but we might luck out. I’ll let the out-of-towners know if the court is dry by 8AM if it’s questionable.
Emoji David

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