Friday, January 22, 2016

Minutes of the Community Junior Tennis Program January 9, 2016 Meeting

First, thank you so much for attending the meeting and contributing to organizing and planning this year's junior tennis program.  Attending were:  Justine, Terry, Ellen, Isabelle, Della, Stephanie, Jennifer, Sam, Bill, James, Mindy, Sven, and Damon. 
My apologies for the excessive length of the meeting.  In the future, meetings will divided into more defined subject matter. 
1.  Overview of 2015 programs:  promoted the sport of tennis, and provided tennis related activity throughout the summer for our junior tennis community.  
2.  Goals for 2016 programs:  to continue those programs and events, expand upon them, and make them more efficient by providing tennis opportunities for our kids and the community -- at no, or minimal, cost to the kids.
3.  Financial report:  from donations, sponsors, and contributors, there is a total of $3,095.96 in the Junior Community Tennis Program Fund.  $2,500 was from an anonymous donor.  That is an excellent start to the programs being planned for this year.  In order to support this year's events, donations regarding water, snacks, administrative supplies will still be solicited.  The most significant anticipated expenditures would be for balls, T-shirts, and trophies -- $200, $450, and $500, respectively.  Renting a port-a-potty could cost another $100.  Medals for participating in the Tennis Academy could cost about $100.  Whether trophies or medals be awarded for winners and second and third places, could run another $150 to $500.  Support for just the tennis academy, the tournament, and the ladder challenge could cost between $1,500 and $1,850.  It could go higher depending upon ball replacement needs and what items are actually donated.  I like to change out the balls that are used for lessons once a quarter.  There will also be a cost for a tennis family picnic.