Thursday, April 14, 2016

Renewing Quilcene’s aged sport court aim of fundraising drive (Feb. 2014)

QUILCENE, WA — Aside from the high school, the community basketball and tennis court next to the Quilcene Community Center is the only one in town, but successful play on it can be more a matter of luck than skill.

Depressions and cracks in the court built in the early 1950s send balls flying off in odd directions.

The court has been only patch-repaired since it was constructed and should be resurfaced, said Clayton White, the volunteer host and maintenance supervisor for the Quilcene County Campground on the other side of the community center.

But the owner of the court, Jefferson County, doesn’t have the money to fund the estimated $25,0000 project.

UPDATE: The Quilcene tennis courts will be resurfaced "as soon there are more dry days". Pickleball lines will be painted on the new surface. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be sometime in May or June.

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Renewing Quilcene’s aged sport court aim of fundraising drive 


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