Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Evolution of the Pickleball Pic


The Original Pickleball Pic has proven to provide the all important collection of balls at the conclusion of workouts associated with either the Simon or the Tudor pickleball machines. The ability to pick up 35 to 65 balls provides the incentive to continue drilling because of the ease of reloading. The Pic35 is popular for those who want to just practice on their own or with a partner.  The two players can use the  Big 10 Drills for Two program offered free (just ask) with the purchase of two Pic35's ($80.00)  
       The worth of the two products have been proven by the satisfaction of the 200+ customers over the passed year and a half.  The quality of service (quick), and the quality of the product, has generated a clientele that has had no problem passing on the word to other pickleball players who are serious about taking their games to new levels. I am constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of practice for pickleballers and i introduce, in the video below, a new products I'm about to offer up in the days ahead - Pic32 Zip and the Pic44 Zip. 

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