Monday, August 3, 2015

2015: Sequim's Summer Tennis Program

In order to promote the sport of tennis, and to provide tennis related activity throughout the summer, the following tennis opportunities will be available for our kids and the community.
Youth Tennis Ladder Play:  Ladder play has already begun.  So far, there are 31 kids, organized in age groups, participating in the ladder.  There is the potential of many more joining in as they progress in private and group lessons, and as other youth tennis players learn of the program.  Sized-to-age courts, nets, and balls are being arranged for ten-and-under tennis (TAUT) players, as well.  The ladder will be displayed Saturday mornings at the group lessons and sent out weekly in email. 
Sequim Youth Tennis Academy, 2015:  The three upper courts at SHS have been reserved from July 6 through July 10, 9 to noon, for the Academy.  Participants will be limited to 30 players.  Preference will be given to advanced and intermediate players who will be capable of participating in advanced drills and physical activity.  Volunteers will be accepted to assist in this event.  This program will consist of lectures, fitness training, stroke technique, drills, strategy training, and play.  We anticipate no fees -- unless, for snacks, water, and T-shirts.  We are looking for a possible sponsor to provide for snacks and water. 
Private Youth Tennis Lessons:  Private half-hour, no-cost lessons will continue throughout the summer, as per a Weekly Availability Schedule which will be emailed each week to interested youth.  At this time, there are approximately 50 kids taking private lessons.  Ladder players who participate in at least one lesson during a week will be moved up one rung of the ladder for that week.
Group Youth Tennis Lessons:  Saturday morning group lessons will continue to be available for our youth, at no cost.  Group lessons are divided into "beginners", "intermediate", and "advanced" groups.  Participants sign up as per Weekly Availability Schedule.  Again, ladder players will be able to move up one rung of the ladder for that week for group participation. 
Cardio-Tennis For All:  Thursday mornings, at 10am, will be set aside for Cardio-Tennis -- FOR ALL AGES.  Sign up as per Weekly Availability Schedule.  IT'S FUN TIME FOR EVERYONE.  Move to the music!  Tennis rackets and tennis shoes required.  From warm-ups to drills, we keep active for one full hour.  Tennis ability not required.  Swinging and missing is OK.  The racket is simply a prop.  FUN, FUN, FUN!!!
Youth Tennis Tournaments:  Tournaments for those kids participating in the tennis ladder are anticipated.  Playing in 3 challenges in ladder play qualifies a player for tournament play.  Dates for the tournaments will be determined soon.   
USTA Promotional:  At least one promotional, all invited, one day of "free tennis instruction for all ages" event to promote the sport of tennis and the USTA.  Planning is underway, and the date is to be determined.
Away Playdays:  We'll try again this year to field a group to play at various area tennis clubs. 
There's a lot on our plate above.  It will take plenty of help to make tennis a successful proposition this summer.  We need volunteers and ball donations.   Monetary donations will go toward supporting equipment and to rackets for those kids who can not afford them. 
As always, I am open to suggestions and ideas.  Please feel free to contribute.
Plan ahead.  PPPPPP -- the six "P"s. 
Happy hitting,
Don Thomas

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