Sunday, August 30, 2015

They Said It!: US Open Media Day | News | 2015 US Open Official Site - A USTA Event - Official Site by IBM

They Said It!: US Open Media Day | News | 2015 US Open Official Site - A USTA Event - Official Site by IBM: "The world's press descended on Flushing Meadows this week for the 2015 US Open's pre-tournament media day on Saturday. Here are a selection of quotes from the top players in the men's and women's draw."

Roger Federer on comparing himself now to the past:
"I felt definitely five, 10, 15 years ago you just had a bit more time once the courts slowed down. In the beginning, while you always got pressure from the serve-and-volley player, the chip-and-charge player, the guy who’s going for broke on the return, that thing kind of disappeared when the slower courts came in. Now the bigger guys came in and started to hit huge from the baseline, and now you started to have less time, even on the slower courts. So I had to adjust my game accordingly, again, but I think it was helpful for me to start out on faster courts against the serve-and volley players and not get frustrated by two-shot rallies for four hours."
Rafael Nadal On getting his confidence back:
"To have the confidence back you need to win. If you’re not winning, then you won’t have high confidence. To win you need to play well. To win a lot you need to play very well and have a lot of confidence, and I’m playing well today."
Novak Djokovic on his chances of winning a calendar Grand Slam:
"I sincerely hope from your mouth to God’s ears. That is the only thing I can say. I’ve been close and that gives me enough reason to believe that I can achieve that. I’m trying to win, there is no secret. I’m trying to win every Grand Slam that I play. I set myself up for high standards because of the results I’ve had the last couple of years. I’m an ambitious guy and I devote myself completely to this sport. With my family and team around me, I enjoy it. I really enjoy playing."

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