Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sequim: High School Tennis Team Practice, Lessons, Doubles Tournment, Cardio Tennis

Keep a good weather eye.  We do not practice if the courts are wet, icy, or if we have high winds.  But, we will get in what we can.  If the weather forecast for the afternoons look good, I will frequently squeegee the courts in the morning and hope they will be dry by mid-afternoon.  I will try to advise of lesson cancellations well ahead of time in order to allow enough time for planning;  but, sometimes, I get it wrong.  I apologize for that. - Don Thomas
SHS Varsity Practice:  Varsity practice starts on Monday, August 24th.  The team will be using the courts from 3 to 5, this week, on Monday thru Thursday, and from 9 to 11 on Friday.  The courts will not be available to the public during those time periods. 
Additionally, school starts on the following Tuesday, September 1st.  Tennis lessons will be available during SHS school hours for home schoolers, OPA attendees, and private school children.  Further, the tennis courts will be used after school by the tennis team;  so, they will not be available for use -- except, from time to time, during away matches. 
The bottom line is:  except for this week and weekends thereafter, there will be very limited use of tennis courts for public school children for the next 6 to 8 weeks. 
Sequim Doubles Tournament:  Here's an opportunity to get some doubles experience.  There will be a doubles tournament held on the Sequim HS courts on Saturday, the 12th of September.  Contact Julien Berg at 681-3301 for more information.  All skill levels are welcomed -- that means you!!!!  This is a great opportunity for our juniors to get doubles experience.  The cost is $12.50 for non-members of the Peninsula Tennis Club -- $10 for members.  The tournament will be limited to 30 players; so, sign up early.  I highly recommend this tournament for all the juniors.  Proceeds go to the SHS Scholarship Fund -- someday, could be you.
Cardio Tennis:  Last weekend, I attended a Cardio Tennis registration conference in Portland, OR, put on by the Tennis Industry Association (TIA).  As a result of some classroom presentations and active oncourt participation and demonstrations, I am now a member of the TIA and a registered Cardio Tennis Authorized Provider.  I have already worked in some of the Cardio Tennis warm-ups, drills (called "games" in Cardio speak), and cool-downs.  So far, these lessons have gone very well with the older kids.  We will be making more Cardio Tennis available in the future. 
Reminder:  weekday lessons are private lessons and Saturday morning lessons are group lessons, depending upon the number of players signed up. 

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