Tuesday, May 3, 2016

71-year-old credits 'pickleball heroes' for saving life (2012)

 "SEQUIM — When Ronnie Coleman, 71, of Sequim went to his regular pickleball practice session at the Sequim Community School courts Tuesday, he sat on the sidelines, watching two men he calls his heroes.

“These guys are the men of the hour,” he said, indicating fellow players Dave Herndon, 62, and Bob Sester, 66, of Sequim.

“These are wonderful people,” he said.

He credits the two with saving his life just over two weeks ago.

On Aug. 18, Coleman was putting away his pickleball equipment and already was thinking about his next stop for the day, a trip to the barber shop.

“I don't remember anything else,” Coleman said.

Coleman toppled from the bench."

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