Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cincinnati surveying about park usage

City Manager Tom Moeller met with a contractor about resurfacing the courts and created four options for the courts. The city could either keep them as they are for no cost, create six pickleball courts and eliminate the tennis courts for $20,650, create four pickleball and two tennis courts with portable nets for $14,650, or convert the basketball court into five pickleball courts and keep the two tennis ones for $20,100.
The survey questions asks residents which option they prefer for the two tennis courts being converted to four pickleball courts:
•do not convert the tennis courts;
•convert all tennis courts to pickleball courts;
•just add the pickleball court lines and lower the tennis nets;
•leave one tennis court and convert the other tennis court to two pickleball courts;
The pickleball league conducted a survey that showed 618 pickleball players used the courts while only 47 tennis players did between August and September.

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