Monday, May 9, 2016

International Indoor Pickleball Championships 2016

This week is the International Indoor Pickleball Championships Wednesday May 11 - Sunday May 15 in Centralia, WA.

Hi Everyone,
We are now less than a couple of days away from the start of the tournament!
First let me start by thanking a lot of folks:

• Front and center are the all the volunteers to make this happen. There are so many…thank goodness!
• Next are the great sponsors…wish there were more
• And finally the players and fans.
• Thank you all!

This update is regarding referees.
As many of you know this kind of tournament needs volunteer time from almost everyone. This is particularly true in regards to refereeing. Though it may be hard it is part of the game. Just like racquetball tournaments where they do their own refereeing we need to do the same. It is expected and needs to be part of the culture in pickleball as it is in racquetball. Everyone is expected to referee at least 2 matches per event. However, there is always the exceptions and that is ok, but then you should pay $10 to reward others that are willing to referee for you. We are willing to pay $5 per match that you did not need to referee. We will also have referee raffles.
For those of you that responded or will referee…thank you! And for those of you that are willing to referee without any incentive…thank you so much!

For those of you that are willing, but want help and want training. Here are some options:
• Go to and look at the Rules & Referees tab…there is even a test you to do after you read the rules (NOTE: You must be a USAPA member to access tabs)
• Go to the Referee clinic we will have on Friday at 5:45PM (May 13th)
• Request to shadow a referee during the tournament
Thanks again for supporting pickleball and the Double I (International Indoor) Championships!
See you all soon!
- Ken and Miok

For more information and a daily schedule, go to: Pickleball Tournaments.

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