Wednesday, May 4, 2016

International Indoor Pickleball Championships 2016: The Ball?

After careful consideration, we have a decision and we will use the Pickleball Now green indoor ball as announced previously.
Because we care of what the players think…we have spent a lot of time on this.
Without writing a paper on this…here are the main points:

  • USAPA changed the ball requirements (to help increase the finesse aspect of the game) and like most changes this change cause some thrash at least initially. 
  • We have a great sponsor regarding the ball that contributed to much of the player cash prize pool. And in turn we made a commitment to use one of their balls. Mind you we were targeting the new Pure 2 ball but it was delayed and we had to use one of the other balls that is available…this was the agreement set up last year. 
  • The Onix 505 was a good choice but Onix stopped producing them 
  • The next best choice was the Pickleball Now green indoor ball 
  • There were several players that did not like this Pickleball Now ball and there were some that did like 
  • The Jugs ball was not an option as it was not produced by the sponsor…it by the way had the same bounce test height as reported by Pickleball Central of 37” 
  • Then at the US Open another option came up…we were told the Pure 1 Indoor was also approved to play until Sept 30th. It was just not listed as an approved ball and this was probably an oversight. We started testing them and they were good, but later we found out that USAPA did not approve them even though it met the original ball requirements but it did not meet the new requirements. USAPA did not want to post any new balls that did not meet the new ball requirements.

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