Sunday, May 22, 2016

Picklball Picker-Upper

Gear Talk: Ball Picker-Upper with Steve Paranto

Picture of PickleBall Picker Upper

A simple but effective pickleball picker upper (Read More)

1. A kitchen trash can.
2. 4 bungee cords.
3. 1/2" PVC pipe and 4 elbows.

The Retrieve-A-Ball for Pickleball is perfect for players who are tired of bending all the way down to pick up Pickleballs! By adding the specially formulated sticky gel to the bottom of any Pickleball paddle handle, this will add almost 15 inches to your reach. By using the paddle to help extend your reach to pick up Pickleballs, now you won't have to bend all the way to the ground. Helps to reduce strain on your knees and your back!
Package includes 2 of each (enough for two paddles):
- Sticky Gel
- Blue Placement Tape (keeps gel in place)
- Cap to cover Gel while not in use

I made this Pickleball Shag Basket for my wife to retrieve pickleballs during her practice sessions. She has a Simon Pickleball Machine, which pitches the balls to her for practice. I added an oscillator to the machine, too, but haven't published it, yet. The Shag Basket is easy to build, requires few tools and few materials. This is the third version. Each revision was an attempt to make it easier to build.

I made it using a 5' piece of 3" diameter lightweight PVC pipe with two holes drilled 1/2" up and 1/2" in on one side. Then I passed a 1/4" bungee cord through the two holes, pulled it tight and tied it in a knot on the outside. The result is the bungee is offset to one side.

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