Monday, May 2, 2016

New Port Townsend High School Pickleball Court Facebook Live Streams

On his own, Port Townsend resident Mac Wheeler contacted the Port Townsend High School administration to borrow the school's industrial pressure washer. Two weeks ago, a small team of volunteer pickleball players cleaned the enclosed single tennis court. Last week, Mac made a pickleball court with yellow cloth court tape . The heavy duty tape is expected to last for about a year.

Equipment used for this Facebook Live stream video:

Recording Issues

  • Due to bright sunlight the cell phone screen was not visible during the recording.
  • Facebook Live will only stream when the cell phone is vertical (not horizontal or landscape). The Ultrapod mini tripod had to be attached to the ladder with wire ties so the LG G3 cell phone could be held by the cell phone clamp in a vertical position.
  • Half of the cell phone battery was drained after live streaming two games for 20 minutes.

This Facebook Live stream was recorded on a tripod at the same spot that the ladder was on.

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